This photograph was published in The Aurora Sentinel October 2010 along with an article announcing that my book, The Capitol Ghost Mystery was on the Colorado Children’s 2011 Book Award list. For years, I watched my students literally fight over who got to be the first one to read the ghost stories in our school library. It was easy to decide that I wanted to write this kind of book!

Courtesy The Aurora Sentinel

I became fascinated with the Colorado State Capitol while I was teaching 5th grade. Each year I took my students on field trips to our Capitol to enhance our study of Colorado history and government. I had heard a few of the Capitol’s ghost stories here and there. Inside the majestic building I felt in my bones that there was more going on than met the eye.

During a class field trip to the Capitol the idea for this book started to take shape. I jotted a few notes in my notebook. Before I knew it, my pen was wildly trying to keep up with my mind. I spent the next few months pouring over research to include in the story. The Capitol Ghost Mystery has lots of truth in it, some history, and a sprinkle of imagination. I hope you enjoy the tale, the puzzles, the ghosts, and the mysterious journey through each page.

Michelle Barone

Colorado Center of Excellence award’s photo, taken at The Colorado Department of Education with Dwight Jones the Education commissioner.

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