I love getting out and talking to kids and teachers about my books! I do quite a few school visits in the Denver area each year. I also speak at conferences, libraries and special events. My presentation is 1 hour and includes a power point slide show, revision tips for students, the stories behind my books, and book signings. I ask that the school and student purchases total at least 25 books. I have done a Skype visit and may start doing more of these. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in scheduling an author visit.


    • Aurora Public Schools
    • Denver Public Schools
    • Littleton Public Schools
    • Cherry Creek Schools
    • Logan School for Creative Learning,
    • Graland Country Day
    • Jefferson County Public Schools
    • Douglas county Public Schools

OUT OF THE ORDINARY (historical fiction novel)

Publisher: History Compass, LLC (2005)

To purchase this book click here!

THE CAPITOL GHOST MYSTERY (historical fiction novel)

Purple Sky (2008)

JOE’S BLUE SHOES (fiction)

Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. 2005

TORNADO TIME (nonfiction) Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. TBA

TWO TON BABY (nonfiction) Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.TBA

MOTH OR BUTTERFLY (nonfiction) Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. TBA

HAIR IS A THING (picture book in verse) Silly Book 2007

TEST TROUBLE (picture book in verse) Silly Book 2007

HIDDEN CREATURES (nonfiction) Boys’ Quest Jun 2003

JACK’S JOB (nonfiction) Boys’ Quest Dec 2005

PLAYING BACH FOR GRANDPA(fiction) Boys’ Quest Jan 2006

"A RECIPE FOR DIRT" (nonfiction) Boys’ Quest Aug 2006

WHERE THE DINOSAURS WALKED(nonfiction) Boys’ Quest April 2007

“HOW TO A PET A DOLPHIN” (nonfiction) Hopscotch Aug 2007

“THE BREAKING POINT” (fiction) Hopscotch Oct 2007

“THE JACK-O-LANTERN TREAT” (fiction) Highlights for Children TBA

A TORNADO IN YOUR HANDS Spider Magazine Aug 2004

IDEAS THAT GREW INTO INVENTIONS (nonfiction) Wee Ones Nov 2003

CRAB BLAB (nonfiction) Wee Ones July 2004

“DORI’S DOOZIES” (fiction) Wee Ones July/Aug 2008

LOOKING FOR THE TOOTHLESS GIANT(nonfiction) Wee Ones Mar 2005

THE CHICKEN FARM FIRE (fiction) Happiness Magazine July 2003

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